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Team Training Online Course
Curso online voce pode estudar de qualquer lugar
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Online courses

Mentoring &

Strong Service Team Training
to the client

Cafes and Restaurants:

Customer Service Training
Restaurant Teamwork ready to serve customers

Curso Online 
 How to Eliminate
Poor Service and
ncrease Average Ticket

Boost your sales!

Did you know
that even offering
delicious foods,
poor service can annihilate
customer loyalty
in your Café or Restaurant?
Team Management for Restaurants - Hostess or Receptionist - Online Courses

In this online course, you will learn the best practices for welcoming, serving and delighting customers in your Café or Restaurant, providing a welcoming and memorable experience from arrival to departure.

Hostess or Receptionist

Waiters & Waitress - Customer Service Training - Strategies for building a strong service team -Meseros

You will have access to several checklists with a practical and comprehensive approach, focused on learning the work routines necessary to improve the operational efficiency of your salon service team.


Waiter & Waitress

Team Management for Restaurants - Customer Service Training

In this online course you will obtain the knowledge and tools necessary to raise the operational and service standards in your Café or Restaurant, thus increasing the average ticket and customer loyalty.


Floor & General Manager

Customer Support

Cafes & Restaurant
Strong Customer Service Team in the Salon

Garçom e Equipe de atendimento no salão, 
bem treinados na arte de receber e criar sinergia
durante o atendimento,
podem fidelizar o cliente e
aumentar o ticket médio constantemente.

Customer Support

Boost your sales!

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