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Andrea Santinho 

Trainer & Consultant

With extensive experience as an International Tourism Receptive Operator and Consultant specializing in the organization, formation and training of strong teams for a variety of tourist establishments and equipment , my professional career is marked by dedication to improving hospitality and efficiency in tourist services, both in Caribbean and Brazil.

Over the years, I have accumulated comprehensive expertise in consulting tourist organizations, including restaurants, cafes, beach clubs, parks and stores focused on inbound tourism. My work involves not only optimizing operational processes, but also training teams to offer memorable experiences to visitors.

My work and experience also extended beyond consultancy, incorporating the planning and organization of medium and large business events. Whether it's conferences, conventions or corporate events, I've learned to develop the ability to coordinate all logistical aspects, ensuring that participants and visitors enjoy an impeccable stay, from transportation to accommodation, food, tours and other necessary services.

Furthermore, my experience in inbound tourism for different types of passengers and clients has given me a deep understanding of travelers' needs and expectations. Whether dealing with tour groups, executives on business trips or individual tourists, I am familiar with the nuances of each segment and committed to providing a personalized, high-quality service.

As an online course instructor, I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with professionals in the tourism sector who are looking to improve their skills and stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

My courses range from customer service techniques to management and team building strategies, offering students, in easy language, the tools they need to stand out in their careers or in the development of their businesses.

Join me on this journey of learning and discovery into the exciting world of inbound tourism.

Andrea Santinho

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